10x22 Lathe
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Just got my new Grizzly G0602 10x22 lathe this week.
Came via UPS Feight in just 2 days. Met the driver downtown, backed up to the trailer
then we slide it off onto the bed of my pickup. 453 Lbs., no problem.
Used my chain hoist to pull it off the pickup into the basement onto a rolling skid I made
to move it around the basement. Then one more hoist up onto the bench and I'm ready to go.
After breaking it in, the first job was to turn down and thread the post for the Aloris AXA Tool Post
so that it would work with the lathes original tool post t-nut.
Wholesale Tool Has a cheaper import version.
Changing the gears to thread was NOT quick but it cut the threads great on the steel post.
The old 7x10 doesn't even compare to this lathe. This one will make a good candidate for CNC.

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Hoisting onto the workbench
Hoisting onto the workbench
G0602 10x22
G0602 10x22
G0602 10x22 and the X2 Freak
G0602 10x22 and the X2 Freak
Aloris Tool Post
Aloris Tool Post
Here's a few videos of the lathe in action.

Ballscrew Turning Z Axis Part 1
Ballscrew Turning Z Axis Part 2
Ballscrew Turning Y Axis Part 1
Ballscrew Turning Y Axis Part 2
Cutting Hardened Steel with Ceramic Insert